Two clowns

My name is Joel Murphy.

When I was in third grade, a story I wrote was selected by teachers to be read in front of the entire school and our parents. I’ve been chasing that rush ever since.

I am a screenwriter with a background in improv, podcasting and writing for newspapers, magazines and online publications. I live in Los Angeles with my wife Molly (who is ridiculously supportive of my career) and our pug Jolene (who only really cares about belly rubs and getting treats).

I love movies. I love thinking about how movies are made and why they work (or don’t work). I try to find at least one thing I sincerely like about “bad” films. I believe that summer blockbusters can be just as artistic and meaningful as Oscar-winners. I love genre films; particularly horror and sci-fi. I’ve recently gotten into French New Wave and Kurosawa movies. I also saw Blade five times in the theater.

I founded the pop culture website, which is known for its snarky hot takes and engaging celebrity profiles, including interviews I’ve conducted with Michael K. Williams, Patton Oswalt, Alison Brie, Dan Harmon, Rachel Brosnahan and more. 

I host three weekly podcasts (Stephanie Knows Some Shit, Hobo Radio and Silver Linings Playback) and I have also written, co-directed and starred in three short films for the site, which you can find here.